Friday, October 22, 2010

To My Friends, Delima

It is nearly a year we were apart. I am sure that everyone is wondering, "how is ilman now? Is he already becoming masculine?"

You guys know the answer, "Yes"

Guys, it is Friday when I am writing this. A special day when suddenly I 'see' your faces. I am still remembering the boys were playing "stress ball" and the girls were studying so hard. Sometimes, we-boys-do care about the girls study time. Girls, forgive us.

Still fresh in my mind is the time when Wan Syafiqah drank the "susu laici". She vomited because of that. People behind this agenda were Ezzati and me. If I am not mistaken, Rudy was involved too.

Still not to forget is our hardworking Ammar. He sacrificed lots of his time for us and we never know about it. Thank you dude.

While, Masitah, Aminurul Amirah and Ira were studying hard to pass with flying colours. These girls were hardly seen to join the boys playing "stress ball" compared to Wan Syafiqah and Ezzati.

Another girl is Asyilla and is the most freak person! It is because, she tried to seduce Fikri with her voice. Thank goodness Fikri void her very well. ~~~~Rozai.......~~~~

There are "man-made-like machines" in our class. They are Mokhzani, Syed and Muhaimin. They are too intelligent that sometimes I called them, machines... They slept and played in the class like others, but their attention after class were crucial. We always read about bright students in papers said "Paying much attention during class is helpful", but to these guys, they are exceptional. They "pay attention+some sleep during class is straight As SPM". :D

Anas and Amir are the trouble-makers. They always disturbed Faris anywhere and anytime. ( :p ) They disturbed Hakim too as they like to eat pelam cicah at Hakim's dorm. Anas and Amir were so understanding persons that they sometimes understood your irritating jokes.

Zul is so mystical to me. His style and dressing are so different from the others. It is believed that Wan Syafiqah and Ezzati were falling in love with his lips. There is one person that quite wierdo, Huzaifah. He looked like a late 80s movie star. Huzaifah was born in France. :D

Syazwan and Syafandie are book lovers. Syazwan likes comic books while Syafandie likes love novels. When others want to borrow books, these guys are the main source. However, Syazwan's comic book is the most wanted. The word, "second,!!" was normally heard in the class because of these two guys. :D Syafandie loves novel so much as he still can read it during the SPM trial week.

We were so great in the past and we are now still and we will be the greatest in our own future.

This entry is dedicated "To My Friends, Delima"


amiruddin said...

yay! <3

Mus'ab said...

cute babes dude...
don't u wanna introduce them 2 me??

@iZAt said...

novel lovers??hahahaha...