Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dolah; An Old Friend

Rihaz @ An and Me
Abdullah Fahmi @ Dolah

I was starring and doing nothing to my Facebook page when suddenly an old friend buzzed me.

Deep inside this heart, "oh, he still remember me". I smiled.

We had a short conversation in Yahoo! Messenger where we shared our latest updates. He is now in University of Cairo, Egypt pursuing his study in medicine. He-the green shoes one-still the same since the last time I met him. His 'tahi lalat' is still there and will be there eternally, but this time it appears more sexy with his new hair stlye; 'Hujan' I supposed.

We also talked about our old friend, Rihaz @ An. Not much we talked about, but deep inside my heart, it is enough for me to remember the last time three of us together; during our childhood.

We had a great time long ago. Still remember, Dolah and I were a good student, that we were always score number 1 or 2 in class. While An is a friend that I need the most, he was so protective, that he used his large body size to scare the others. Although sometimes three of us had a quarrel, but we never split apart.

We were great last time and we are and we will still be great. Hope you guys don't forget me.


Lah Fahmi said...

tersentuh gila lar.
mcm nk p seri kembangan peluk hg erat2 skang..
no hiperbolic.

btw thanks 4 still remembering me as the old Dolah even people prefer to call me KAKA by now.

anyhow, we are growing,
im getting tougher,
the journey becomes rougher.
you getting handsomer,
gudluck to you ilman in anything you do buddy.