Friday, June 25, 2010

A "Roti Canai"

The wind blew, made the atmosphere so cold. I was awoke by it.

The light from the window caught my eyes, it was so bright.

After took a bath, I put on my T and tracksuit. Looked ordinary but comforting.

The cafe was few with people. There was just a stall opened and it seemed to become certain people's favourite here. There, served varieties of local cuisine, the breakfast type.

I saw a short man, wearing headphone while kneading a lump of dough. He was making "roti canai". I smiled. Suddenly I realized, it was so long ago I was not having my "roti canai". Then, I had one piece which cost me 80 cents. Differ from the past 9 years, it only cost 50 cent a piece.

The story of "roti canai" really make me realize that time moves so fast.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A "maggie goreng"

I was studying when Nizar text-ed me to meet his family. I was honored with that!

I met them, shaking hands and had some conversation. We talked more about our (Nizar and I) study here. Nizar's parent seems so worry if we do not perform very well, especially Nizar as their beloved son.

They kept reminding us to be good and study very well.

Nizar's family, is so loving and caring, that I feel so close with this family. They seem to accept me as part of their family too and I am glad with it.

Before they drove home at Kedah, I received some mouthwash dish from Nizar's parent.
It is "A 'maggie goreng' " and it is beside me now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Need Air

I was climbing up a hill-high stairs. It is so high, that when I reached to the top, I breath heavily.

And of course I was sweating. While walking to my house(hostel here is a house), I was thinking of my ability to archive a distinction result. It was all because of my last lecture this morning. I nearly do not understand of the whole lecture. However, Alhamdulillah, through my effort last night, I manage to understand some.

Here(university's life), is like a battle with no enemies. You are not competing with others.
I am starting to understand something today about "effort".
For me, student here with no "effort" is called DESTRUCTION.

So, now, I "Need Air"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cheers to This Whole Day

I am so happy to blog. Nothing else to describe my happiness and satisfaction.

The fact is, I AM VERY HAPPY....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It Is Better to be Unborn Then to Live Untought

We went to KL Central and waiting the other members from IIUM and UM there.

We sat down at a corner where there were four Gintel massage chairs. With a RM1 note, we relieved our body for 3 minutes.
It was so relaxing and sometimes I forgot we were waiting the others because of it.

The atmosphere in the KL Central was so busy as it is. People were there and here, chatting and talking either with phones nor friends. The weather was clear and hot, made some of us sweat.

My other friends still not appeared. I suddenly thinking of getting a book. I entered a book shop nearby, but sadly I suddenly lost my interest to read. I walked out slowly to a chair where Amir, Nizar, Fahmi and Faris were. Before I had my sit, suddenly I had a feeling to look back at the book shop. Written there was "It Is Better to be Unborn Then to Live Untought"