Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Decision, Think Wisely

I received a call from HEP UiTM Puncak Alam to attend a case on my lost laptop last month and I decided to attend it.

Once in Puncak Alam, I wait in a room with other witnesses in there. Each everyone of them had their own cases which realized me that I was not the only one that day. Some with cigarette case, some 'involving-man-and-women' case and etc. Puncak Alam seems so peace and quiet once you were there, but just a few knows that there were quiet numbers of cases.

(Let "X" be the name of the thief).

"X" was called into UiTM's court as I was told so. I was talking with one of the witnesses about MUET in the room while waiting the result of my case. 30 minutes after that, a staff called me and said, "You can dismiss now, the accused admitted his fault".

As I was leaving, I met "X" in front of the room I waited. Shocked to say, he was expelled from UiTM upon his fault! His eyes was watery and reddish, clearly showed his regretful. Her body looked like he was not able to stand still, maybe still not believed of what had decided by the panel.

I was like a mute that time. Deep inside my heart, "Oh God, I forgave him already by the time he gave back my laptop on the same night he stole it. Please help him..."

Back home, I still picturing the "X"s face which hardly received his punishment. Then, "A Decision, have to Think it Wisely" I said.