Friday, June 25, 2010

A "Roti Canai"

The wind blew, made the atmosphere so cold. I was awoke by it.

The light from the window caught my eyes, it was so bright.

After took a bath, I put on my T and tracksuit. Looked ordinary but comforting.

The cafe was few with people. There was just a stall opened and it seemed to become certain people's favourite here. There, served varieties of local cuisine, the breakfast type.

I saw a short man, wearing headphone while kneading a lump of dough. He was making "roti canai". I smiled. Suddenly I realized, it was so long ago I was not having my "roti canai". Then, I had one piece which cost me 80 cents. Differ from the past 9 years, it only cost 50 cent a piece.

The story of "roti canai" really make me realize that time moves so fast.