Sunday, June 6, 2010

It Is Better to be Unborn Then to Live Untought

We went to KL Central and waiting the other members from IIUM and UM there.

We sat down at a corner where there were four Gintel massage chairs. With a RM1 note, we relieved our body for 3 minutes.
It was so relaxing and sometimes I forgot we were waiting the others because of it.

The atmosphere in the KL Central was so busy as it is. People were there and here, chatting and talking either with phones nor friends. The weather was clear and hot, made some of us sweat.

My other friends still not appeared. I suddenly thinking of getting a book. I entered a book shop nearby, but sadly I suddenly lost my interest to read. I walked out slowly to a chair where Amir, Nizar, Fahmi and Faris were. Before I had my sit, suddenly I had a feeling to look back at the book shop. Written there was "It Is Better to be Unborn Then to Live Untought"