Friday, July 16, 2010


I arrived home at 6pm.

Today, I am enjoying my mid-semester break. After a month of brain storming in Puncak Alam, it is now the right time for me to have a short break.

On my way back home in Seri Kembangan, Mama drove to PappaRich Restaurant. Oh!, my tongue was so happy I suppose. Why say so? It has been more than a month my taste bud tasting fried rice and fried egg.

Once I reached home, my head was thinking of "What's the new you, home!?"

Wuahaha! A new Samsung HD LED Plasma TV! After this, my life at house would be better!



My room seems "Untouched" since the day I left it. The bed sheet, chair, guitar at the corner, those hangers, and stuffs on the table is just there! Dust seems thicken. The dullness of my room needs to be removed!