Saturday, May 29, 2010

View From A Window

The clear blue sky turn up dark. Lightning clearly seen.

It is 4.24pm, the atmosphere is "dull".
I am alone in my house in Kolej Angsana A4. Maybe the others are outing.

From a window, I can see a green hill that chill out my mind. In front of it, there is my purple-painted class building. It looks like a skyscraper in this area.
There is also a Health Unit building built on a green grassy field. The building looks like a bungalow house. I have never been there before, but maybe someday I will.

There is nothing so special here. I am not complaining.
I just want to say that, no matter where we are, study is a must.
I get my new inspiration just by get a "View From A Window".
I hope it is beneficial.