Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Chapter

I'm trying my best to write, hear, speak English well.

But sometimes, mistakes make me feel stupid.
A question suddenly come out, whenever I make mistakes.
"How can you can't write/speak English well at your age?"

I have no interest in reading neither English nor BM.
It was all because of I thought that reading was a boring hobby.

Now, let the bygones be the bygones. I'm starting 'A New Chapter'


Anonymous said...

iman!! reading is a very good hobby! u should try with something that suits u well..maybe thriller? romance? humanity? :P

Mokhzani.Ismail said...

Do your best, okay!

i guess i need to do the same thing...

amiruddin said...

good luck ilman! the journey of reading is fun! trust me. :)