Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bacteremia VS Septicemia

What are the differences between these two condition; Bacteremia and Septicemia, ?
Both condition happen in the blood circulation and caused by microorganisms. 

So, BACTEREMIA is a condition when there is a presence of bacteria in the blood. As simple as that. In the web, they give an example of tooth brushing. What happen during brushing is our gum sometimes got bleed and because in our mouth we normally have certain bacteria, the bacteria goes into the blood, so this condition is bacteremia. But why nothing happen to our body even after the bacteria goes into our blood? Now here comes the role of our immune system.This system attack the bacteria.

Now, what is SEPTICEMIA? It is a condition when the bacteria goes into the blood circulation & DIVIDE & MULTIPLY themselves in the blood. This type of bacteria is normally 'invasive & virulence'. In the web, they give an example of serious illness, but never mention what is the disease.

That's just it.