Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Wish I can be Myself

I study days and nights. Leaving behind playing basketball in the evening. I am no longer so active than before.

Is this it? Is this causes of study to much?

I considered myself that I am an ordinary student. I need extra exercise on my subjects. So, I do lots of things for that purpose; skip playing basketball in the evening, no longer playing Call of Duty and some others.

The outcomes of my daily routine was I got 4 for Physics and Chemistry-Biology and Maths still do not get the result- It is worth for me but it is not so cool enough!

"I Wish I can be Myself" like the past time I did.

For those who read this, please lend me your hand.


Mokhzani.Ismail said...

here's a hand... :) haha

make a timetable, and amazingly, you seems to have a lot of time when you take a second look on the timetable.